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Portraying, sculpting, designing and art directing trompe l'oeil architectural murals have made up the major part of a busy visual arts career.


1986  Laval University, visual arts

2015 residence at the catalan art center of Tortosa


2006 Gallery 1225 in Montréal

2004  Gallery 1225 in Montréal

2003  Solo exposition, Rouje in Québec city "Petites Métaphores"

1999  Palais Montcalm "Continuum Figuratif" (part two)

1998  Palais Montcalm: "Continuum Figuratif" (part 0ne)

1989  Anima G gallery, Québec

1988  Moss, Québec "Le Ciel des Peintures"


2006  paintings in Gallery Beauchamp in Québec city

2004 bronzes at Gallery 1225 in Montréal

2003-06 bronzes at Galerie Ars Vivesco in Québec city

2003-04 Galerie St-Dizier in Montréal

2005 Gallery Monkdogz in New-York

1999-2003 La galerie Internationale, Québec city 

1986-87  Galerie Christin, Québec city

Other experiences and realisations: 

2004-06  creation of statues and garden fountains, collaboration in the murals of Sherbrooke: MURIRS

2004 Collaboration for the second part of Murale Bowen in Seherbrooke: MURIRS

2003 Arstistic direction for Murale Bowen in Sherbrooke: MURURS

2002 Artistic direction for La Fresque Skinner in Sherbrooke: MURIRS

2001 Artistic direction and coordination for La Fresque des Piliers 2 in Québec

2000 Artistic direction and coordination for La Fresque des Piliers 1 in Québec


1999 Painter for The Mural of Quebecers with Cité de la Création. 


1997 Admission at the national bank of artists for the integration of arts in architecture


1990-95 Creation of Atelier Dufaux. Murals on command and teaching the techniques of "trompe-l’œil".

1993 Painting of the vault of Capitol Theater

1993-95 Teaching of the techniques of "trompe-l’œil", faux finish at: Atelier Dufaux


1985-87 writing chronicles for the magazine Clin D’œil restoration works at the National Museum of Québec, confection of decors at Studio Triède in Montréal

1984- pastel and oil portraits on command

1979- 84 ceramist



Le Soleil, Le Journal de Québec, La Tribune,  La Presse, the magazine Elle Québec, Décoration Chez Soi. 


Radio Canada, fm 93, CKRL fm


Radio Canada, Télé Québec, CFCF12, Quatre Saisons and TVA 

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